January 29, 2020

The Complete Guide To The Perfect Wedding Kiss.

Wedding Day Tips

"You May Kiss The Bride"

There are few kisses more important and more meaningful than your first one as a married couple. It's the moment you have both been waiting for... you are officially husband & wife but have you actually thought about the moment you both kiss? Here are my top tips for getting that perfect shot...

  • Enjoy it

Smile and enjoy this moment, you are officially HUSBAND & WIFE!! Now that is something to be celebrated!

  • Hug it out

Having a hug first is a nice natural way of getting close before you kiss, chances are it's what you would do at home and it means when you go in for that kiss it will feel more natural, go on have a snuggle!

  • Shut your eyes

As tempting as it is to get a sneaky peak of your other half while you go in for a kiss, it really does look a little more natural eyes closed! You can thank me later :)

  • Kiss for longer than feels natural

Ok so it might feel a little un-natural but keep in mind you can't have a quick peck if you want a epic professional pic - actually holding your kiss for a slow count of 3 means that I get the times to grab a beautiful photo of the moment, hey if you want a few photos to choose from then why not kiss twice?

  • Watch out for dangling arms and hands

It's probably not something you have thought about before but dangling and awkward arms don't make for a pretty picture so have a little plan on what you want to do with you arms, you could hold hands or keep your arms around each other after you have had a hug, you could even put your hands up to your new husband/wifes face, whichever you feel is most you and most natural, just have in mind what you will do on the day and make sure your other half knows too!

  • Practice makes perfect

Just like you would practice your first dance, have a little practice before the day to avoid any awkward fumbles or banging of heads/teeth. Crack open the prosecco and be sure to have fits of giggles while you practice ha ha.